Details of establishment
Documents required for submitting a claim or complaint:
- Claim or complaint raised in advance with the company. A period of 30 days must have lapsed since you raised the claim or complaint, or you must have received a written reply from the company. - Registered post with acknowledgement of receipt, stamped letter of complaint or claim and proof of posting the letter. - Company's reply, if there is one. - Spanish national ID card, foreign resident tax number or passport number. - If the person raising the claim or complaint is not the holder of the invoice or the recipient of the service concerned, we shall require signed authorisation from the holder and a photocopy of the holder's Spanish national ID card. - Completed letter of complaint or claim. - Any other documents that confirm the claim or complaint (invoices, contracts, plane tickets, etc.)
Documents provided
Files must be under 2MB. Allowed types: jpg pdf docx.
Where the documents have to be sent to
Documents may be sent by post, fax or email (in PDF, DOCX or JPG format), or delivered in person to staff at OMIC
Oficina Municipal de Informació al Consumidor
Ronda Sant Pau, 43 – 45, bajos, 08015 Barcelona
Fax: 93 402 78 27
If a claim is forwarded to the Consumer Arbitration Board, the consumer expressly states that he/she will abide by system.
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